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Vikash Kumar Photography for Wedding Photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words . And when it comes to wedding photography, it’s more than that. I believe marriage is the most auspicious and crucial period of everyone’s life full of feelings like love, passion, joy and promise. This is why a wedding is a timeless and priceless phase of people’s life".

Vikash Kumar Photographyisn’t just a way to capture your blissful wed moments, but we make your wedding the most memorable phase of your life by putting our souls into it.


In Bangalore,Vikash Kumar Photography is a professional and experienced Candid (also known as Documentary Style) Wedding and lifestyle Photography agency.Vikash Kumar Photography have a right kind of expertise and various high-end equipment to create brilliant photography that appears real to the viewers. Also, offering a more personalized experience to the quality-conscious couples is what our photography is known for.

Our USPs

We believe in ‘being natural’ hence, capturing natural expression and transforming it into the beautiful composition is our USP. We hold expertise in producing the best outcomes regardless of high-pressure situations and constantly changing lighting conditions during a wedding. With Vikash Kumar Photography, you get high quality, natural wedding photography at a price that fits your pocket.

Why Vikash Kumar Photography?

At Vikash Kumar Photography, you get candid wedding photography that you will treasure forever. We offer high-quality images that look natural. Our services include pre-wedding shoots and wedding photography. Our candid wedding photography package includes special couple photo shoot session and image edition, all at an affordable price and are delivered on-time.

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